DRVC Marriage Ministry / Preparation for Christian Marriage

Contact: Rectory 631-385-3311 ext 200
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Preparation for Christian Marriage at St. Patrick Church

Congratulations on your engagement.  The Parish of St. Patrick rejoices with you on your decision to enter Marriage as a Sacrament.  Your Love for each other encourages us all.

We look forward to witnessing your exchange of vows and celebrating the start of your married life together.  We hope to assist you in making this a prayerful and memorable occasion.  Be assured that together with you, your families and friends, the entire Christian community rejoices with you as well.

Reserve the Church before booking a reception.

To arrange a date, please call the rectory at, 631-385-3311,  a minimum of eight months in advance for an appointment with a priest or deacon.

A marriage preparation program (Pre-Cana) is required.

Marriage Preparation Policy