You are Chosen…

“There is a season for everything, a time for every purpose under heaven”       (NRSV) Ecclesiastes 3:1

Your child is a miracle, a gift from God’s hands, given to you at just the right time to touch your lives and fill your hearts with love and joy. From the love you have for each other, God has called forth this beautiful creation. God has a deep and eternal love for you and this child. With God’s help, you will nurture, care for, and love this child. As you watch your child grow and experience new things in life, your faith in God and yourself will be affirmed. What a privilege it is to become a parent.

St. Patrick’s Parish is delighted that you have chosen to have your child baptized. At Baptism, we receive and celebrate God’s free gift of grace and salvation through Christ. It is really God who has chosen us. Thus Baptism is the beginning of a life-long journey of knowing and following Jesus. Baptism is also the first sacrament of initiation; later will come First Eucharist and Confirmation. The Catholic community welcomes your child with open arms and extends its loving support in living a life that reflects Jesus to the world.

You are called to grow in God’s love with your child. As you share your faith with your child, your relationship with God will deepen. As you pray with your family, attend Mass and share your Christian values, your family will grow closer together in love for one another and God. Your child’s Baptism is only the beginning!

In 1992, Pope John Paul II directed the publication of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church.” Section 2226 explains the words used to bless the parents of the baptized child: “That they may be the best of teachers of their children in the way of faith.” Education in the faith by the parents should begin in the child’s earliest years.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Scheduling a Baptism

    Baptisms are celebrated on the 2nd & 3rd Saturday of every month at 1:00 pm and every Sunday of the month at 2 pm (with the exception of Holy Days, and Holidays).   A Baptismal Preparation Class is required for "First Time Parents" Please contact the Rectory Office (631)385-3311 X200 to schedule a baptism.  

  • Choosing a Godparent (Sponsor)

    As parents choose sponsors for their child’s baptism, they want to be deeply aware that it is more than a social office. They want to look for  friends or family who are full of faith and will support them in fulfilling their responsibility to lead their child into the fullness of  Christ’s life. As the children grow toward adulthood, the sponsor’s concern will shift from supporting the parents in their spiritual parenting to supporting their godchild to become an adult Christian.        

  • How soon should my child be baptized?

    Children should be baptized within the first weeks after birth.  Arrangements may be made before the child is born.  Baptism should not be put off simply in order to have an elaborate celebration party afterward.

  • I (we) am not married. Can my child be baptized?

    Yes, a child may be baptized as long as there is a reasonable, well-founded hope that they will be brought up in the Catholic faith.  If you are not married in the Church, this might be time to consider doing so.  Please speak to one of the priests about this.

  • Who can be a Godparent (Sponsor)

     There may be only one male and one female sponsor. He/She should be at least 16 years of age. The pastor, priest or deacon can make an exception for good cause.  He/She should be Catholic, have received First Eucharist, Confirmation and lead a life of faith in harmony with the duty he/she is undertaking.  He/She cannot be one of the parents of the person being baptized.  He/She cannot be under a canonical penalty.  At least one sponsor must always be Roman Catholic. Under certain circumstances, a baptized non-Catholic Christian may be permitted to serve as a Christian witness along with a Catholic sponsor. Someone who has not been initiated as a Christian cannot appropriately “sponsor” a child, or assist in Catholic upbringing. So, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE may an unbaptized, non-Christian person be a sponsor (ie: Jewish, Muslin, Hindu, Jehovah Witness, Morman, Agnostic, Atheist, etc.) G) As they “sponsor” the child at baptism, sponsors cannot be changed after the ceremony has been completed.    

  • We are not catholic. Can our child be baptized catholic?

    Yes, a child can be baptized a Catholic, but only if one of the parents becomes Catholic.  This takes several months.  Please speak to one of the priests for further details.

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